Rejoicing with All Friends of Cuba

Jax Rally a Great success!

When the day dawned we were met with heavy rains from a Tropical Storm passing through. Most of the people expected us to cancel the Rally and this caused the turnout to be lower than expected.

God heard our prayers to hold back the rains so we could hold the event on behalf of the Cuban people. When 2pm came around the rains stopped, the skies cleared and we began the Rally as planned. Passions went from low to high as all of us watched the sun come out and not one drop came down during the event.

We came together as friends of Cuba in the Jacksonville area and listened as area government leaders spoke of their support for the Cuban people and  a proclamation from Mayor Lenny Curry was read declaring 8/14/21 the official Cuban Freedom Day!

Cuban Rally Jax

Afterwards we lined Atlantic Blvd and had an awesome time as we waved our flags and shouted our support for the Cuban people. The location was excellent as many cars honked their horns and passersby waved their approval. We made many new friends and it turned out to be a remarkable day that we will not soon forget.

We wish to thank all who participated, supported and donated towards this worthy cause!

Jose L. Bosque & Global Capital Relief, Impact Church & Bishop George Davis,
Miguel Andres Rosada Attorney at Law, Juan Martinez LIBRE Initiative,
LeAnna Cumber City Council, Al Ferraro City Council, Congressman John Rutherford,
Chief Lakesha Burton JSO, Officers of the International Team @ JSO,
Johnny Torres Watchful Wings, Juan Suarez TV,
PRI Event Production, COJ Parks & Recreation,
Nikki Kimbleton COJ Public Affairs, Republican Party of Duval County

As of today, the Communist regime has taken over 1500 leaders in the night and their whereabouts are unknown. Also, the illegitimate President of the Cuba went on National Television and told his military and police forces to remove the protesters at all costs. This has led to the death of five of their own generals in eight days and we believe it’s for not using force against the people. Food and medicine are so scarce people are falling dead in the streets from dehydration, hunger and disease.

How can you help? Pray. Give, Join us in the Streets and Contact your elected officials and tell them you want a humanitarian intervention for Cuba now!

Human Rights 4 Cuba Rally Video

Nuestro nuevo video que une lo mejor de la música cubana pidiendo por la libertad de un pueblo en cadenas por mas de 62 años. Nuestra oración es que este video ayude despertar el pueblo americano!
Our new video that unites the best of Cuban music asking for the freedom of a people in chains for more than 62 years. Our prayer is that this video helps awaken the American people!
Cuban Freedom League


According to the people on the Island of Cuba the official sign for the Cuban resistance against the communist dictatorship is the “L” for libertad or Freedom in English. Not an upheld fist as some are portraying. We want to be clear that we are not calling for violence as an answer to violence. We are calling for peaceful demonstrations to support the Cuban people.

Cuban Freedom League


Many Americans are saying “Why now after 62 years?” Because until the people themselves rose up against the Communist Regime there was nothing Cuban Americans could do. Now that they have asked for freedom we want to support them with all our heart. Especially when we see the Human Rights violations being committed against a hungry and defenseless people.

Cuban freedom League

Long Term Goals

We want to help the nation of Cuba once it is free. At present we are focused on Medical Aid in the way of emergency medicines and doctors once the Communist regime falls. We also on focused on sending Relief Supplies such as food and water to the hardest hit areas. Cuba will need lots of help to rebuild her obsolete infrastructure. The Cuban people also will need spiritual aid and support.

Cuban Freedom Rally

Congressman John Rutherford says;

“The Freedom Loving Cubans deserve our full support. I am proud to call you friend and to partner with you in this great cause for the Liberty of the Cuban people. I will continue to highlight this struggle in Washington. I’m very disappointed that Afghanistan, the southern border and COVID have taken over the news cycles here in America while Freedom Lovers have taken over the streets of Havana!  We need to get Cubans and their cause for Liberty back to the forefront of the news. God bless you and the Cuban people in this great Freedom Movement. “ House of Representatives Florida’s 4th District