One More Life Tastes Freedom

Sometimes the best you can do for freedom is to help one person at a time. After the July 11, 2021 SOS Cuba protests on the Island, the Cuban government clamped down on any public protests by enacting a new harsh law against them. This has created a new exodus of young Cubans who refuse to live under the Castro’s Communist oppression. When the only picture of your future is continued lack, hunger, and poverty there is no telling what someone will risk.


Liana Matos Rosada is one of those young people. Losing her 47-year-old mother to cancer and watching her die in agony because there was no medicine available was the last straw for her. She found out through friends that a clandestine door to leave the country had opened through Nicaragua and she told her U.S. family many of them major leaders here in the Cuban Freedom League.

Calls were made and a decision resulted in coming together to help her leave the island. The trip would be hazardous, and it involved working with Mexican Cartel coyotes who we did not have any choice but to trust. The trip would require her to first take a plane to the Dominican Republic, then a plane to Nicaragua, travel across Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico before entering on foot to the United States where she would seek asylum.

The total trip took about a month at a cost of more than 10 thousand dollars. There were many sleepless nights for those helping from the Cuban Freedom League as she risked her young life crossing the different check points and dealing with the police corruption throughout Central America. It was a harrowing experience.

Now here finally in the United States Liana begins here new life. Sometimes she is in tears as she sees the abundance here and remembers her father and family still in Cuba. She must press forward to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity that has been granted to her. We here at the League wish her the best and pray for those risking their lives daily for a chance to taste freedom.

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